Online Forex Simulation – Why We Need Timeshift

Online Forex simulation is attractive, because you can practice on live prices. However, the downside is that you need to fully concentrate. You can miss a lot even during a short break. Let alone if you need to work on other things.

Timeshift is designed to address this problem. Timeshift can be also called the “pause in real-time”.

The basic idea is similar to what is available in high-end DVRs. Once you need to break, you put the simulation on pause. During this time, the simulator keeps receiving the market data and store it in an internal buffer. When you are back, you resume simulation from the time where you left.

Now, you have a buffer full of price data. The prices that you see are delayed for the time you were absent. In most cases, it’s fully acceptable.

The Simulator has Fast Forwarding functionality. So you can speed up the data feed and the delayed buffer will be reducing in size. In most cases, especially if you are already in position, you will be able to catch up with the current time quite soon.

Timeshift is supported since the release 1.3.