Timeshift In Online Forex Simulation: How It Works

We decided to write this post to better explain how the Timeshift works is online Forex simulation, and why it saves our time while practicing in real-time on live streaming data.
Online Forex Simulation with Timeshift
Online Forex Simulation with Timeshift enabled
Let’s draw an analogy with using a DVR to watch a live movie broadcast. The DVR stands for a Digital Video Recorder.  This is a device that combines the TV receiver with a HDD where you can record received TV programs.
So, let’s imagine you start watching the movie and after a short while you get interrupted with something urgent. You pause your playback. The DVR makes it possible even though the movie is being broadcast live. The DVR keeps recording the movie, and when you are back after half an hour you resume watching from the moment you were interrupted.  You are now 30 min behind in time from live broadcast.
But when a commercial break comes, you don’t have to watch it! You use Fast Forward mode and you skip all the commercials in a matter of seconds. So if each break takes 10 minutes, after 3 breaks you will catch up with the live broadcast.
The bottom line: by the time the movie broadcast ends, you didn’t miss anything from it. But during the broadcast, you had extra 30 minutes that you could fully devote to other things. This time saving became possible only because you used a DVR.
So continuing our analogy, if we replace the DVR with the Forex Simulator supporting Timeshift, live movie broadcast with live market data feed, and commercials with the periods of no market action (redundancy), we will get exactly the same result. Namely, time savings during live practice by reducing redundancies. This naturally comes at the expense of some delay, but in most cases it is perfectly acceptable.