Forex Simulator Roadmap – vote for your favorite new features

We have a lot on our roadmap. The poll below presents the major planned new features.

But we want to first implement those most wished for – so we need your feedback!

Please vote for up to 3 features that the Simulator absolutely must have.

I want Forex Simulator to have:

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If your wish is not listed – please leave a comment! Here are more details on some features:

  • enhanced graphics. Show tooltips (e.g. order profit), zoom in and out, scroll with mouse, detach graphs as separate windows, etc.
  • tick data recorder. Record a trading session while you are at work. Practice on it while commuting home.
  • trade recorder/player. Save your practice for later analysis.
  • multiuser mode. Practice together with your friends or have a content.
  • autotrader. Compete with automated trading strategy.
  • real time price sync. Download from the server the price data that you missed during online simulation when your Internet connection was lost.

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